Slang LOVE−IN−A−PUNT means

LOVE−IN−A−PUNT means: Love−in−a−punt is British slang for week beer, watered down spirits.

What is the slang definition/meaning of LOVE−IN−A−PUNT?

LOVE−IN−A−PUNT means: Love−in−a−punt is British slang for week beer, watered down spirits.

Meaning of LOVE−IN−A−PUNT slang

Slang: LOVE−IN−A−PUNT means: Love−in−a−punt is British slang for week beer, watered down spirits.

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Meaning of LOVE−IN−A−PUNT

LOVE−IN−A−PUNT means: Love−in−a−punt is British slang for week beer, watered down spirits.

Meaning of Punt

Punt means: Punt A calculated risk or gamble. e.g. "Go on Dave, take a punt and write a book on Australian slang"

Meaning of LOVE−IN

LOVE−IN means: Love−in is slang for a gathering involving displays of mutual affection.

Meaning of LOVE−JUICE

LOVE−JUICE means: Love−juice is British slang for semen.

Meaning of Punt

Punt means: A small flat bottomed boat square at either end.

Meaning of filer le parfait amour

filer le parfait amour means: spin out love’s sweet dream

Meaning of shite

shite means: n shit. The only plausible reason I can think of for this word’s existence at all is that it has more rhyming potential for football songs. Perhaps soon we’ll have the word “shitove,” giving Whitney Houston and her cohorts further opportunities to over-use the word “love” in their drivelly good-for-nothing pop songs.

Meaning of berk

berk means: n idiot. Yes, yes, another friendly U.K. word for moron; this one implies a degree of clumsiness: Look, you berk, I said to bend it, not bust it. The word originally derives from the rhyming slang “Berkeley Hunt” (or “Berkshire Hunt”), which rhymes with — well, “punt,” among other words.

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Meaning of Charlie

Charlie means: Noun. 1. Cocaine. Probably the most commonly used slang term for this drug. 2. A fool, an idiot.

Meaning of Whacked

Whacked means: To drink, especialy to have a first or single drink

Meaning of AMAP

AMAP means: As Many As Possible -or- As Much As Possible

Meaning of LOOMM

LOOMM means: Laughing Out Of My Mind

Meaning of whack

whack means: To kill. There was a contract out to whack Johnny for skimming the take at the casino.

Meaning of dingbat

dingbat means: Fool or idiot. Pos. Australian derivative of ding?

Meaning of Shake

Shake means: , (shake) n., The less desirable parts of the marijuana plant, that which is left over, shaken onto the table, after the best part, the buds, have been taken out.  “Hey, I can just give you some of this shake.”  See:  Bammer.  [Etym., drug]

Meaning of beat it

beat it means: To leave. Let's beat feet out of here.

Meaning of jitney

jitney means: A nickel, a 5-cent piece. We got a bunch of jits on the team.

Meaning of RAUHUA

Meaning of MUYGYES

Meaning of CEIWOERE

Meaning of GRUDAILTU

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