NINETEEN CANTEEN means: Nineteen canteen is South African slang for a very long time ago.

What is the slang definition/meaning of NINETEEN CANTEEN?

NINETEEN CANTEEN means: Nineteen canteen is South African slang for a very long time ago.

Meaning of NINETEEN CANTEEN slang

Slang: NINETEEN CANTEEN means: Nineteen canteen is South African slang for a very long time ago.

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NINETEEN CANTEEN means: Nineteen canteen is South African slang for a very long time ago.

Meaning of Dry Canteen

Dry Canteen means: A canteen that does not serve alcohol, rather it serves soda and snacks. Usual patrons are of the underage set. The opposite of a "Wet Canteen".

Meaning of Wet Canteen

Wet Canteen means: A canteen that serves alcoholic beverages. The opposite of a "Dry Canteen".


CANTEEN MEDAL means: Canteen medal is British slang for a food stain on one's clothes.

Meaning of NINETEEN


Meaning of NINETEEN

NINETEEN means: amphetamine

Meaning of nineteen

nineteen means: Amphetamine; methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)

Meaning of canteen

canteen means: n cafeteria.

Meaning of BLADDER BAG

BLADDER BAG means: collapsible canteen.

Meaning of Tuck shop

Tuck shop means: canteen where students buy food at school.

Meaning of Canteen Medals

Canteen Medals means: Naval name for stains down the front of jumper, jacket or coat caused by food or drink.

Meaning of chippy

chippy means: A shop that sells the ubiquitous british take away food - fish and chips. Often a cafe where school kids gather in lunch breaks (prob. in defiance of school rules) to buy lunch in preference to the revolting school canteen meals.

Meaning of dinner grannies

dinner grannies means: Fairly boring and obvious name for dinner ladies - school canteen staff who were almost always of a certain age. Were almost always evil too, and dispised children. Main role was to be tyrannical at dinner times when they had the job of maintaining order throughout the school. This was generally achieved by stealing the tennis balls that people were playing football with (Caseys being banned on the tarmac). It was the duty of a dinner granny to confiscate any ball or play-ground equipment (conkers etc) that may come their way. Such confiscation was nearly always permanent.

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LEMON AND LIME means: Lemon and lime is London Cockney rhyming slang for time.

Meaning of LOOKER

LOOKER means: Looker is slang for an attractive person.

Meaning of NERVER

NERVER means: Nerver is slang for a bracing drink.Nerver is American slang for a gate−crasher.

Meaning of toke

toke means: Verb. To smoke a 'joint', or marijuana cigarette. Noun. A drag on a cigarette or 'joint'.

Meaning of LLAP

LLAP means: Live Long and Prosper

Meaning of RUFKM

RUFKM means: Are You F***ing Kidding Me?

Meaning of scenester

scenester means: Someone who is always where it is happening. He is such a scenester he never gets any studying done.

Meaning of far out

far out means: cool

Meaning of Lilly and Skinner

Lilly and Skinner means: Dinner. What's for lilly and skinner

Meaning of hang-up

hang-up means: A problem to deal with. The soda shop was our old hang-out.

Meaning of JAEROA

Meaning of THIRGEO

Meaning of OACEEZEI

Meaning of DAMTUACHO

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