Slang NORA BATTY means

NORA BATTY means: Nora Batty is London Cockney rhyming slang for tatty.

What is the slang definition/meaning of NORA BATTY?

NORA BATTY means: Nora Batty is London Cockney rhyming slang for tatty.

Meaning of NORA BATTY slang

Slang: NORA BATTY means: Nora Batty is London Cockney rhyming slang for tatty.

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Meaning of NORA BATTY

NORA BATTY means: Nora Batty is London Cockney rhyming slang for tatty.

Meaning of bloody-Nora!

bloody-Nora! means: Exclam. An exclamation of surprise or anger. Cf. 'flaming-Nora!' and 'ruddy-Nora!'

Meaning of BATTY

BATTY means: Batty is slang for insane, crazy; odd, eccentric. Batty is Jamaican slang for the buttocks.Batty was old slang for wages.

Meaning of nitty nora

nitty nora means: Colloquial term for the education services nurse who came around once every six months to tussle your hair around looking for nits (head lice). From 'Nitty Nora the hair explorer', also Nitty Nora Bug Explorer.

Meaning of ruddy-Nora!

ruddy-Nora! means: Exclam. An exclamation of anger or surprise. Cf. 'flaming-Nora!'

Meaning of flaming Nora!

flaming Nora! means: Exclam. An exclamation of surprise or annoyance. Cf. 'ruddy-Nora'.

Meaning of batty bwoy

batty bwoy means: Noun. See 'batty boy'. Also batty-bway.

Meaning of batty man, batty boy

batty man, batty boy means: A homosexual. Derived from the "Ali G Show". Both Paul and 'El Binna' suggests the terms somewhat predate Ali G - They say they are Jamaican terms obviously deriving from 'botty' (bottom). (ed: hey - got this from Thomas... anybody disagree?) Batty was used in the mid 1980's at my school in Wiltshire (UK)... nowt to do with Ali g he just popularised it.

Meaning of auntie nora

auntie nora means: The special nurse the council sent round school to check for infestations of head lice. Hence Auntie Nora the nitty explorer.

Meaning of batty boy

batty boy means: Noun. A homosexual male. From batty meaning buttocks. Also battyboy, battyman. Derog. [Orig. West Indies]

Meaning of batty

batty means: Crazy, insane. If you think I'm going to get me to date your sister, you're batty.

Meaning of batty rider

batty rider means: Noun. Skimpy shorts that 'ride' up to expose the wearers bottom ('batty') cheeks, usually female attire. [West Indies/Black UK?]

Meaning of batty man

batty man means: Noun. See 'batty boy'. Also battyman.

Meaning of batty crease

batty crease means: Noun. The area between the buttocks. See 'batty' (noun).

Meaning of batty fat woman shop

batty fat woman shop means: Most kids purchased their sweets from a corner shop, sweet shop, tuck shop, etc; in one school they bought from the Batty Fat Woman Shop. The shop still exists, although the proprietor is not the same Fat Woman who was undoubtably Batty. She was very, um, large, pale, unnecessarily ugly and she was constantly suspicious of everyone stealing stuff. Contributor says that when she thinks on it now, since we were school children, that was probably wise. She spoke in a very thick Yorkshire accent, which of course was subject to years of torment and mocking as us south-western school children thought every word she uttered sounded hilarious. (ed: she also sent the address but thought we ought not publish it!)

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