Slang OFF ONE'S BLOCK means

OFF ONE'S BLOCK means: Off one's block is slang for insane, mad.

What is the slang definition/meaning of OFF ONE'S BLOCK?

OFF ONE'S BLOCK means: Off one's block is slang for insane, mad.

Meaning of OFF ONE'S BLOCK slang

Slang: OFF ONE'S BLOCK means: Off one's block is slang for insane, mad.

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Meaning of Block

Block means: A piece or parcel of land. e.g. "That's a nice block of land, you made a good choice" 2. Persons head. e.g. "If you keep it up, I'll knock your block off!" 3. See Lose one's block

Meaning of Leading Block

Leading Block means: A single block such as a snatch block used as a fairlead to bring a line in a more favorable direction.

Meaning of Snatch Block

Snatch Block means: A block with a single sheave which is hinged and opens on the side so that the bight of a line can be led into the block and closed without running the whole length through

Meaning of BLOCK

BLOCK means: Block is British slang for the head.Block is British slang for the part of the prison that houses the punishment cells. Block was oldBritish slang for a watch.

Meaning of block head

block head means: Adj/V. A person, typically a female, who performs oral sex with almost everyone on a particular city block.  "Yo man, Tina is our block head round here." 

Meaning of Two Blocks

Two Blocks means: 1. When the blocks of a tackle meet. Also referred to as "Block on Block" or "Chock-a-Block". 2. Uptight. Reached your limit.

Meaning of Breech of a Block

Breech of a Block means: The part of a block which is opposite the swallow, which is where the line enters.

Meaning of Complain

Complain means: The block of a rigging, or block and tackle, is said to be complaining if the sheaves squeak when it is in use.

Meaning of Turning Block

Turning Block means: Horizontally mounted block used to re:direct a line on deck.


DOWN THE BLOCK means: Down the block is British prison slang for solitary confinement.

Meaning of Fiddle Block

Fiddle Block means: A double block where the two sheaves lie in a plane one below the other, rather than alongside each other.

Meaning of Handy Billy

Handy Billy means: A loose block and tackle with a hook or tail on each end, which can be used wherever it is needed. Usually made up of one single and one double block.

Meaning of block (doing one’s)

block (doing one’s) means: expressing anger ‘At that point I did my block.’

Meaning of Cheek Block

Cheek Block means: A block with one end permanently attached to a surface.

Meaning of THE BLOCK

THE BLOCK means: The block is British slang for solitary confinement.

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Meaning of GILBEY'S GIN

GILBEY'S GIN means: Gilbey's gin is London Cockney rhyming slang for chin.

Meaning of SIR ALEC

SIR ALEC means: Sir Alec is British slang for a pinto of Guinness.

Meaning of ket, ketts

ket, ketts means: Sweets. Any confectionary product certain to cause cancer and advanced tooth decay.. Used as "Here man, give us one of ya ketts!" Sweet (kett) as in cola cubes, midget gems, fruit pastiles etc.

Meaning of poot

poot means: To break wind softly and subtely.

Meaning of on the pull

on the pull means: The act of attempting to meet a sexual partner.

Meaning of Nervo And Knox

Nervo And Knox means: Box

Meaning of Level with me

Level with me means: be honest.

Meaning of PINKS

PINKS means: dipipanone hydrochloride

Meaning of AUTSEY

Meaning of IUMPEYW

Meaning of EUGHEATS

Meaning of OOPHAYCMY

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