Slang PLAY HOOKY means

PLAY HOOKY means: Play hooky is slang for truancy.

What is the slang definition/meaning of PLAY HOOKY?

PLAY HOOKY means: Play hooky is slang for truancy.

Meaning of PLAY HOOKY slang

Slang: PLAY HOOKY means: Play hooky is slang for truancy.

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Meaning of PLAY HOOKY

PLAY HOOKY means: Play hooky is slang for truancy.

Meaning of hooky | hookey

hooky | hookey means: (in phrase play hooky) to stay away from school or work without permission

Meaning of play hooky

play hooky means: To miss, to not attend. Are you going to school today or playing hooky?

Meaning of Wag

Wag means: To skip school, play hooky

Meaning of faire l'école buissonnière

faire l'école buissonnière means: play hooky; skip school

Meaning of play hooky

play hooky means: To miss, to not attend. Manny was seriously injured playing chicken with his friend.

Meaning of hooky

hooky means: Truancy. Maynard played hooky from school today and missed the quiz.


HOOKY STREET means: Hooky street is British slang for a place where stolen goods are bought and sold.

Meaning of HOOKY

HOOKY means: Hooky is slang for truancy.

Meaning of who-wants-to-play

who-wants-to-play means: A small group of people would decide upon a certain game, but realise that they didn't have a large enough group to play it. Someone would say 'Shall we do Who-wants-to-play?' and we would link arms, and march self-importantly around the playground chanting 'Who-wants-to-play (pause) Brit-ish-Bull-dog?' (or whatever). The idea was that whoever else wanted to play would link arms with one end of the row and join in the chanting and walking around, until enough players were recruited. Of course, the usual outcome was that you would spend the whole of playtime recruiting players, and have no time for the actual game at all. We would often be rather selective about who we actually wanted to play with us, so would add various disclaimers at the end of the chant - 'Who-wants-to-play... Char-lies Ang-els... on-ly girls... from Mrs Hopkin's class... ov-er six... and no pik-eys...'


PLAY THE WHITE MAN means: Play the white man is British slang for to be honourable, to be fair, to play by the rules.

Meaning of hooky

hooky means: Adj. Illegal, not legitimate.


PLAY FOOTSIE means: Play footsie is slang for to indulge in amorous or flirtatious caresses with the feet. Play footsie is slang for to flirt with.

Meaning of play

play means: A statement for noncommittal sexual relations; to have sex.["David would you like to come home with me and play?"].

Meaning of Wooden Hooky

Wooden Hooky means: The common term for an "Acting" Leading Seaman.

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Meaning of FRUIT BAT

FRUIT BAT means: Fruit bat is British slang for a woman who prefers the company of homosexual men.

Meaning of LIGHT A SHUCK

LIGHT A SHUCK means: Light a shuck is slang for leave in a hurry.

Meaning of THREADS

THREADS means: Threads is slang for clothes.

Meaning of allow (it)

allow (it) means: Verb. Forget it, don't bother. [London use]

Meaning of binnie

binnie means: Noun. A refuse collector. A variation on 'binman'. Also binno.

Meaning of fuck money

fuck money means: Price of the baths.


SCHOOL/ SCHOOLEM means: To teach someone in a lesson in  knowledge, a fight, a battle.  Mostly pertaining to street knowledge.

Meaning of Peckham Rye

Peckham Rye means: Tie

Meaning of Jack and Danny

Jack and Danny means: Fanny. She's just sitting at home on her Jack and Danny

Meaning of Dinero

Dinero means: From the Spanish, a word for money.

Meaning of YECHEE

Meaning of PIEPSUE

Meaning of OEBIISTO

Meaning of OENIEKIIT

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