Slang PONY AND TRAP means

PONY AND TRAP means: Pony and trap is London Cockney rhyming slang for to defecate (crap).

What is the slang definition/meaning of PONY AND TRAP?

PONY AND TRAP means: Pony and trap is London Cockney rhyming slang for to defecate (crap).

Meaning of PONY AND TRAP slang

Slang: PONY AND TRAP means: Pony and trap is London Cockney rhyming slang for to defecate (crap).

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Meaning of PONY AND TRAP

PONY AND TRAP means: Pony and trap is London Cockney rhyming slang for to defecate (crap).

Meaning of pony *

pony * means: Noun. 1. £25 sterling. 2. Rubbish, nonsense. E.g."Our team are a load of old pony and don't deserve to be in the final." 3. An act of defecation. E.g."Can you wait for me? I need to have a pony." 4. A piece of excrement. * Versions 2, 3 and 4 are from the rhyming slang pony and trap meaning 'crap'. See 'crap'.

Meaning of Pony and Trap

Pony and Trap means: Crap. Ang on, mate. Just gotta 'ave a pony Or, another usage if something's a bit off (i.e.. not of good quality) - That's a bit pony mate!

Meaning of trap

trap means: Noun. 1. The mouth. E.g."Shut your trap you noisy bugger." 2. A toilet cubicle, when in a public lavatory. Often numbered, such as trap one, trap two etc, depending where in the order they are.

Meaning of Macca

Macca means: Crap. I'm off for a macca . Comes from Macaroni => pony; Pony & Trap => Crap

Meaning of PONY

PONY means: Pony is slang for a small glass of beer.Pony is British slang for twenty−five pounds sterling.

Meaning of trap off

trap off means: Verb. To attain a liason with a sexually desirable person. Also just phrased as trap.

Meaning of RAT TRAP

RAT TRAP means: Rat Trap is London Cockney rhyming slang for a Japanese person (Jap).

Meaning of IN THE TRAP

IN THE TRAP means: In the trap is British slang for ready and waiting to go.

Meaning of pony-tail

pony-tail means: Long hair tied in back with a rubber band. The professor thought he was cool, wearing a pony tail.

Meaning of feed the pony

feed the pony means: Vrb phrs. To molest the female genitals, in the manner of cupping one's hand to feed a horse or pony.

Meaning of Shanks's pony

Shanks's pony means: Noun. On foot, walking. E.g."Looks like we've missed the bus, so it's Shanks's pony or wait another hour for the next bus." {Informal}

Meaning of TRAP

TRAP means: Trap is slang for the mouth.

Meaning of trap

trap means: Mouth, gob, cakehole, fly trap etc.

Meaning of CLAP TRAP

CLAP TRAP means: Clap trap is British slang for a promiscuous woman's vagina.

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Meaning of RUSTY DUSTY

RUSTY DUSTY means: Rusty dusty is Black−American slang for the buttocks

Meaning of in bulk

in bulk means: Phrs. Laughing. E.g."Sarah was in bulk all the way through the film." [Merseyside use]

Meaning of kick seven bells out of (someone)

kick seven bells out of (someone) means: Vrb phrs. To thoroughly beat up (someone). Also, less commonly, kick seven bells of shit out of someone. Cf. 'kick ten bells out of'.

Meaning of lowp

lowp means: To jump. If the football went over the wall into the field you had to find someone tall who could 'lowp' ower the fence to retrieve it. Geordie contribution, but poss. also Scots.

Meaning of ring-sting

ring-sting means: The results of excreting stools heavily impregnated with chilli or last nights curry.

Meaning of tax

tax means: (1) To take without permission, to steal. (2) A theft, stolen stuff.

Meaning of towel 'ead

towel 'ead means: (1) Person (usu. of middle-eastern origin) wearing traditional head-dress. (2) A person suspected of doing this (i.e. wearing headgear) when nobody is looking.

Meaning of Doggish

Doggish means: syn. for cold blooded, or cruel as in a messed up diss. If some one lays a cold burn on somebody, you might say, "man, that was doggish!"

Meaning of crunk

crunk means: Crazy, insane. Bertie is someone you can count on in a crunch.

Meaning of UISTEU

Meaning of OOKSOAV

Meaning of UXIIMASH

Meaning of UASHIIPSA

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